Royal Mokosoi

Natural Fiji / Royal Mokosoi

This is the Fijian language word for the famous Cananga Odorata or Ylang Ylang flower. Ylang Ylang is an important ingredient in Chanel’s famous sought after No. 5 Parfum as well as many other remarkable international cosmetic and toilette products. Thus Ylang Ylang is regarded as a “romantic” fragrance.

Ylang Ylang is extremely effective in calming and bringing about a sense of relaxation, and it may help with releasing feelings of anger, tension, and nervous reaction. The flower is drooping, long-stalked, with six narrow, greenish-yellow petals, rather like an orchid or sea star in appearance, and yields a highly fragrant and valuable essential oil.

Fiji’s first international quality coconut crème soap was created by Ken Roberts who had the passion for coconut oil. He created “Mokosoi Coconut Crème Soap” that won 19 awards and now he has assisted Natural Fiji to launch the same soap “Royal Mokosoi”. Ken used one hundred percent coconut oil as the soap base. Natural Fiji uses traditional “cold press” method of soap making, in small batches, ensuring that the soap is fresh, full of natural glycerine and made to perfection at every stage.

The Royal Mokosoi soap has its own special ingredients which have assisted the soap to win prestigious international awards.

We invite you to experience the natural and pure sensations of Royal Mokosoi. Why not treat your special friends and loved ones with pure sensations of Royal Mokosoi, giving your virtual escape to the romantic South Pacific islands. Enjoy the world’s most awarded coconut soap created for your pleasure by Ken Roberts.